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The UBC Masters Swim Club is a non-profit organization of adult swimmers with a volunteer board of directors. Members can participate in professionally coached swim practices as often as four days per week in the fall and winter and four days per week in the summer. Our membership is a diverse group of students, academics, professionals and retirees, from 18 to 80+ years old, whose interests range from simply maintaining their health and fitness to racing in organized competition at the provincial, national and international level.


Season Info

The club runs practices year round, divided into 3 sessions, with approximate dates:

September - December: Fall Session
January - May: Winter/Spring Session
June - August: Summer Session

See Calendar for exact times and locations as well as any cancellations.

Prior to Your First Practice

Before you begin your first swim you will need to register, pay, and read through the practice etiquette at the bottom of this website. At your first swim practice please introduce yourself to the coaches. They will help you pick the best lane and, as necessary, explain the work out. You have one week to decide if you would like to swim with the club. If you feel that it is not a good fit you must contact the treasurer within the week and your payment will be refunded.

Fees and Registration Options

Fees are paid per session and are as follows:

Fall: $325
Winter/Spring: $375
Summer: $300

A 9% discount is applied when registering for all 3 sessions, and fees are pro-rated if registering after the session has started.

*Note: All swimmers must be registered once a season with SwimBC and pay a fee of $39 which covers insurance. The fee will be applied in addition to your first session registration fees and is not prorated.

Refund Policy

(applies to all registration options)

Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE, and we do not issue credit for missed swim practices.
Please contact the club for more info about this policy.

Leave of Absence

Contact the club for current policy

Guest Swimmers

Visiting masters swimmers from out of the Lower Mainland are welcome to swim with the club.
Contact club for more details and to arrange.

A wait list is available for swimmers interested in joining the club.
Contact us for more details.

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Practice Schedule

Golden Rules

1. Look before entering the pool.

2. Do NOT push off the wall in front of another swimmer who is about to do a turn or push off.

3. Follow the workout. Respect your team mates and coaches.

4. Yelling and/or abusive language will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave the workout.

5. If you cannot stay on the pace times without the use of fins and/or paddles, move down to another lane where you can.

6. Warm-up is meant for warming up; not racing.

Lane Selection

Select an appropriate lane to swim in.

There are 8 lanes in the 25m indoor pool. The slowest lane is near the shallow end and they progressively get more advanced. It is not uncommon to find former national swimmers in the fastest lanes. If you are unsure of which lane to select, ask a coach for assistance. If you are new to a lane, introduce yourself and swim near the end to get a feel for the speeds of the group. This order will vary greatly depending on the nature of the workout (eg: stroke vs freestyle).

If you need to change lanes or have been asked to change lanes (at the coaches discretion), do so at the start of the next set. This should minimize confusion and prevent any disruption of the workout.

Follow the Workout

If you are late, do not start at the beginning of the warmup; start at the point where your lane-mates are. If for some reason you cannot do the set as described (eg: due to injury) stay out of your lane-mates way.


No passing mid-lane.

Leave AT LEAST 5 seconds after the swimmer in front of you has pushed off of the wall at the start of a set.
Do not follow too close (aka 'drafting’). If you need to pass, indicate this by touching the foot of the swimmer ahead and they will allow you to pass them at the next turn.

You may need 10 seconds between swimmers for long sets.

Keep the Ends Clear

Keep the end of the lane clear for people to do their turns. If you need to skip a set or lap, stay out of the way.

Communicate with the Coaches

The coaches are there to help. Let them know if you want stroke correction or if want to be left alone one night. Talk to them, and let them know what you like about the workouts.

Communicate with your Lane-Mates

Be pleasant and courteous. Get to know the people that you swim with. If you are having a bad day, do not take it out on your lane-mates or coaches.

Remember a polite reminder of swim etiquette will go a long way to lane harmony.

Code of Conduct


● I will maintain high standards of moral and ethical conduct, which includes self-control, responsible behaviour, and consideration for the physical and emotional well being of others.
● I will not make inappropriate or unwanted physical, verbal, or sexual advances on others.
● I will treat others with respect and expect to be treated with respect in return.
● I will refrain from using profane, insulting, or otherwise offensive language.
● I will not possess or use any illegal drugs. I will not take drugs for the purpose of improving my performance.
● I will refrain from judging, criticizing, or otherwise creating a hostile environment.
● I will comply with all facility and government-imposed rules and share the pool responsibly.
● I will reimburse the cost of any damage to equipment or any other property resulting from wilful or negligent action on my part.
● I understand that a breach of any part of this Code of Conduct is sufficient grounds for me to be removed from the club membership either temporarily or permanently at my expense.

Training and Competition:

● I will conduct myself with honour and dignity.
● I will treat all teams, spectators, and officials with respect.
● I believe in the honesty and integrity of opponents and officials.
● I will accept peacefully and without question the decision of the officials.
● I will recognize and applaud honestly and wholeheartedly the efforts of other teams’ opponents regardless of skill, score, colour, creed, or race.
● I will accept both victory and defeat with pride and compassion, never being boastful nor bitter.

Conflict Resolution:

If unable to resolve conflicts on their own in a civil and reasonable manner, swimmers should contact a coach or, when appropriate, a UBC Masters Board member for assistance and mediation.

Penalties for Violation of the Code of Conduct:

If a swimmer or coach violates the Code of Conduct, any or all of the following penalties may be applied at the discretion of the UBC Masters Executive:
● Private reprimand
● Suspension from practice without reimbursement of fees paid
● Revocation of membership and denial of participation. This penalty shall be used in cases of egregious, repeated, and/or irresolvable violations, and it requires concurrence of the UBC Masters Executive.

Please refer to Swim BC's policies for any circumstances that are not covered in this document.

Swim Meets

Best Way To Get To Know Your Teammates!
A Lot Of Fun!

Upcoming Meets

Meet Results

UBC Club Records

Club Records PDF

Compiled by James Hooper. Please contact the club for any errors or omissions.

Our Fantastic Team

  • Francine

    Francine Vickery

    Team President

    Responsible for the overall direction of the club. The President is the meet manager for our annual swim meet, and liaises with the coaches, members, pool management, and barristers.

  • Lauren Caswell

    Head Coach

    Lauren swam the past two years with the two time USport Champions UBC Thunderbirds varsity swim team, and before that at UBC as a member of the Vancouver Pacific Swim Club (VPSC). Lauren is a third year student at UBC in the faculty of Science majoring in Cognitive Systems.

Board Meeting Minutes

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Executive Board Minutes, April 26, 2022 PDF
Executive Board Minutes, March 23, 2022 PDF
Executive Board Minutes, March 7, 2022 PDF
Executive Board Minutes, January 10, 2022 PDF
Executive Board Minutes, December 13, 2021 PDF
Executive Board Minutes, November 03, 2021 PDF
Executive Board Minutes, October 20, 2021 PDF
Executive Board Minutes, September 29, 2021 PDF
Executive Board Minutes, August 25, 2021 PDF
Executive Board Minutes, June 19, 2021 PDF
Executive Board Minutes, June 10, 2021 PDF
Executive Board Minutes, February 15, 2021 PDF
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