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The UBC Masters Swim Club is a non-profit organization with a volunteer board of directors. Members can participate in professionally coached swim practices as often as five days per week in the fall and winter and four days per week in the summer. Our membership is a diverse group of students, academics, professionals and retirees, from 19 to 80 years old, whose interests range from simply maintaining their health and fitness to racing in organized competition at the provincial, national and international level.


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Season Info

The club runs practices for the entire year, divided into 3 sessions, with approximate dates:

September 1st - December 31st: Fall/Winter Session
January 1st - April 30th: Winter/Spring Session
May 1st - August 31st: Spring/Summer Session

During the Fall/Winter and Winter/Spring sessions, the club trains as a single group on Tues/Wed/Thur/Sat/Sun. In the Spring/Summer session, the club trains as a single group on Tue/Thu/Sat/Sun.

2017 Winter/Spring Session Schedule (new pool)**

Day Time Distance
Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday 7:00pm to 8:00pm Short Course (m) on Tues. / Thur., Long Course (m) on Wednesdays
Saturday / Sunday 5:00pm to 6:30pm Short Course (m)

May / June 2017 Schedule

*** No Practice May 25 - 28, 2017 Due To Mel Zajac Swim Meet

Day Time Distance
Tuesday / Thursday 7:00pm to 8:00pm Short Course (m)
Saturday / Sunday 5:00pm to 6:30pm Short Course (m)

July / August 2017 Schedule

Day Time Location
Tuesday / Thursday 7:00pm to 8:00pm UBC
Saturday June 24 9:30am to 11:00am Central Park Pool
Saturday July 8 / 15 / August 12 / 19 / 26 8:30am to 10:00am Second Beach Pool
Sunday July 2 / 9 / 16 / 23 / 30 / August 6 / 13 / 20 / 27 8:30am to 10:00am Central Park Pool

NOTE: There will be no swimming on Canada Day or BC Day Long Weekends

Prior to Your First Practice

Before you begin your first swim you will need to register, pay, and read through the practice etiquette at the bottom of this website. At your first swim practice please introduce yourself to the coaches. They will help you pick the best lane and, as necessary, explain the work out. You have one week to decide if you would like to swim with the club. If you feel that it is not a good fit you must contact the treasurer within the week and your payment will be refunded.

Fees and Registration Options

Option 1: Full Season Commitment


If you register for all three sessions (the full season commitment) before December 31st, you will receive a discount on the registration fees. In addition, if you register before December 1st, you will have the option to pay the fees in one single full payment, or by two installments. Registration after December 1st requires all fees to be paid in one full payment.

If paying with two installments, the first installment will be due immediately, and the second installment will be due in February of the following calendar year. The payment amounts will be calculated and shown to you at registration time.

Pro-Rated Fees Policy

Swimmers registering after September will pay only for the months remaining in the whole year. In addition, swimmers registering after the 20th of their registration month will only pay a partial fee for that month.


Option 2: Partial Season Commitment

Signing up for individual sessions allows you some flexibility, but at a slightly higher rate.

Pro-Rated Fees Policy

Swimmers registering mid-way through a session will only pay for the months remaining in the session. In addition, swimmers registering after the 20th of their registration month will only pay a partial fee for that month. Fees can be paid for each session individually.

*Note that for both registration options, the MSABC fee is a mandatory fee that covers insurance for the swimmer, and is only collected once per season. It is not pro-rated.

Refund Policy

(applies to all registration options)


Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE, and we do not issue credit for missed swim practices. Please contact the club for more info about this policy.

Leave of Absence

Members may take a leave of absence, but should contact the registrar for more information as there are strict guidelines in place for the leave of absence. Contact information is below.

Guest Swimmers

If you are a masters swimmer from out of town (outside of the GVRD), and looking for a workout during your stay in the area, please let us know. We require that you are insured via your own regional masters program, and that you contact us ahead of time to arrange the guest drop-in.

We do not allow random drop-ins without prior consent from the club.

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Practice Schedule

Golden Rules

1. Look before entering the pool.

2. Do NOT push off the wall in front of another swimmer who is about to do a turn or push off.

3. Follow the workout. Respect your team mates and coaches.

4. Yelling and/or abusive language will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave the workout.

5. If you cannot stay on the pace times without the use of fins and/or paddles, move down to another lane where you can.

6. Warm-up is meant for warming up; not racing.

Lane Selection

Select an appropriate lane to swim in.

There are 8 lanes in the 25m indoor pool. The slowest lane is near the shallow end and they progressively get more advanced. It is not uncommon to find former national swimmers in the fastest lanes. If you are unsure of which lane to select, ask a coach for assistance. If you are new to a lane, introduce yourself and swim near the end to get a feel for the speeds of the group. This order will vary greatly depending on the nature of the workout (eg: stroke vs freestyle).

If you need to change lanes or have been asked to change lanes (at the coaches discretion), do so at the start of the next set. This should minimize confusion and prevent any disruption of the workout.

Follow the Workout

If you are late, do not start at the beginning of the warmup; start at the point where your lane-mates are. If for some reason you cannot do the set as described (eg: due to injury) stay out of your lane-mates way.


No passing mid-lane.

Leave AT LEAST 5 seconds after the swimmer in front of you has pushed off of the wall at the start of a set.
Do not follow too close (aka 'drafting’). If you need to pass, indicate this by touching the foot of the swimmer ahead and they will allow you to pass them at the next turn.

You may need 10 seconds between swimmers for long sets.

Keep the Ends Clear

Keep the end of the lane clear for people to do their turns. If you need to skip a set or lap, stay out of the way.

Communicate with the Coaches

The coaches are there to help. Let them know if you want stroke correction or if want to be left alone one night. Talk to them, and let them know what you like about the workouts.

Communicate with your Lane-Mates

Be pleasant and courteous. Get to know the people that you swim with. If you are having a bad day, do not take it out on your lane-mates or coaches.

Remember a polite reminder of swim etiquette will go a long way to lane harmony.

Swim Meets

Best Way To Get To Know Your Teammates!
A Lot Of Fun!

Upcoming Meets

Meet Results

UBC Club Records

Club Records PDF

Compiled by James Hooper. Please contact the club for any errors or omissions.

Our Fantastic Team

  • Francine

    Francine Vickery

    Team President

    Responsible for the overall direction of the club. The President is the meet manager for our annual swim meet, and liaises with the coaches, members, pool management, and barristers.

  • Maric

    Maric Tse

    Vice President

    The Vice President is our primary contact for new members. The VP maintains the wait list and keeps the board up to date on its status. The VP sends new members general information and tends to emails from the club website.

  • Coleman Allen

    Team Manager

    Coleman is a member of the national team and recently made 3 finals at the FINA World Cup. When he's not tearing through the water doing butterfly he writes fantastic workouts for our team members.


David Ferguson

The Registrar handles yearly registration of returning and new members, registers members with and sends payments to MSABC. The registrar maintains the membership database of mailing and email address and member status.


Patricia Buckley

The secretary is responsible for the taking of and dissemination of the board's meeting minutes.


James Hooper

The treasurer updates the board on the teams' financial status at each board meeting. The treasurer is responsible for all book keeping of incomes and payments and processing of all payments and refunds. The treasurer works with the president to reconcile and manage the team's investments and contingency funds.

Social Coordinator

Keith Adams

The social coordinator, one of 2 non-voting board members, organizes social activities for the membership a few times throughout the course of the year. These socials are a great way, in addition to swim meets, to get out, meet and befriend your teammates.


Sean Swain

The webmaster, one of 2 non-voting board members, is responsible for the design, updates and maintenance of this website. Comments and suggested about the site can be passed through the form below.

Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Document Link
Executive Board Minutes, January 27, 2017 PDF
Executive Board Minutes, December 13, 2016 PDF
Executive Board Minutes, July 19, 2016 PDF
2015 AGM Metting Minutes PDF
Executive Board Minutes, September 29, 2015 PDF
Executive Board Minutes, June 24, 2015 PDF
Older Meeting Minutes Folder


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